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Cashew Nut Market and Production Proposal

Cashew nut production is a main crop and source of income of the Indigenous People (IPs). However, most of the IPs experienced in low productivity due to limited knowledge and technical capacity in cashew planting. Low selling price was given to the cashew IPs due to the lack of market information and cooperation among the IPs.

To contribute to deal with the key issues of IPs in Ratanakiri, ICCO Cambodia has supported to NTFP and other many partners in order to strengthen IPs’ right and livelihood. A new project designed in order to continue the previous project which ended by 2015, the new project was named “Land and Economic Security for IPs (LESIP)”. The project will involve with different actors and stakeholders and it will be implemented in Ratanakiri from November 2016 till October 2019.


Project Goal: Promote IP’s livelihood through improvement of IPs’ rights, cashew production and economic development. Project Objective: 1) Strengthen IP legal entities for effective use of community land; 2) Improve productivity of cashew for IP communities; and 3) Support cashew markets for securing the production


Target Areas: The project will work in 30 villages of 7 communes in 2 districts in the Ratanakiri province. Beneficiaries: The project will work with 205 direct beneficiaries include of 100 CLT’s committees (between 15 to 25 females), 5 Family Nursery and 100 Cashew Nut Key Farmers (20-40 females) and 16, 698 (8,125 females) indirect beneficiaries.


ACTIS is submitting a technical and financial proposal to NTFP for technical supporting in the project in order to achieve the 3rd objective of the project. ACTIS will be responsible for the main tasks include: 1) Conduct one need assessment study on how to develop consolidation of cashew nut; 2) Develop leaflet of quality standard of cashew nut; 3) Provide 2 training to key farmers on quality standard; 4) Facilitate consultation workshop with representative of community on a collective system to link to a better markets for cashew products; 5) Develop Community business plan for collective system of cashew nut which manages by community people; 6) Develop internal regulation and selecting committees for managing Community collective Center; 7) Provide training to committees of CCC for operating business; 8) Facilitate reflection and  follow up meeting with representative of CCC and 9) Monitor and coach to the committees of collective system.

The ACTIS staff will work together with the NTFP staff, partners and stakeholders to achieve the following outputs:  

  • Market Assessment, how to develop consolidation of cashew in Ratanakiri province. One market assessment report is produced;
  • Quality standards for cashew to be developed and disseminated. 80% of targeted farmers understood the standard;
  • A collective system to link the products of IP to better markets for cashew products. Farmer collective system is established and 80% of the producer groups’ members understood the collective system.

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